Dear stakeholders:
Here some important dates to follow:

  1. Last day of kindergarten classes will be on Monday 23rd December 2019

  2. Lower grades on Thursday 26th December 2019

  3. Grades 4 and above on Monday 30th December 2019

  4. Report cards distribution of kindergarten and lower grades  1,2,3 will take place on 25th till 30th of December,2019 .

December 1, 2019

Weekly Agenda






About us

We believe that our student is one who exudes confidence, is not concerned knowing that he is in a healthy learning environment and feels safe being here. 


Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world

Our staff

We have a very cohesive team, which follows guidelines to achieve our goals in promoting their success as well as the success of their students.

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