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Our Team

We have a very cohesive team, which follows guidelines to achieve our goals in promoting their success as well as the success of their students.

We pride ourselves with a vastly experienced staff in the fields of education and child development that have come together to ensure the success of our educational journey that has brought us all here to Al-Anhar International School.

School Description:

In our school, we follow the American educational curriculum in compliance with our license from the board of education in Jeddah. We place great emphasis on our Arabic curriculum giving our students a strong hold on their native language.  As for our religious curriculum, it also follows the guidelines provided to us by the education ministry.
We have an approach that is very unique to us among other schools involving homework completion. A designated period (Ending Homework) toward the end of the regular school hours is set aside for completing any assignments due in order to avoid burdening students with excessive work at home after a long school day.

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