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Principal speech

Today, words cannot begin to describe my gratitude and appreciation for my teams acheivements. Our school received a national ranking of 4th place  for performance and excellence day after day, despite our modest building space. Congratulations to us all for these amazing accolades given to us by the school board. I cant describe to you how proud i am of this acomplishment in such a short time period of 4 years. Our ambition is to reach the very top, and i wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who struggled and faught through this journey with me from exceptional faculty and respectable parents.
Jehan hamze

Elderly day

will take place on Thursday Nov 7,2019 from 10:00 am till 12:00 noon

Holly hop competition

Good News

We would like to inform everyone that we will continue using our current facilities with some improvememts and expansions to the adjacent building. This is to allow the addition of a library, a resource center, a labratory, an art room and a stage. The relocation will take place next school year to allow for the work to get done on the new building. 
In addition, we would like to assure you that efforts are being made to find a nearby building for boys as we are currently using our facility only for certain grades. 
Preparations for these changes will begin after spring break with your cooperation. Thank you all for your efforts  .

School management.

Hat Day

Hat Day 
Crazy & amazing hat is requested on that day.

Holly hop competition 
Outstanding students only will participate in this activity.

Culture Festival

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