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About Us


Al Anhar International School

 Safa district, Prince Majed Road Opposite to Aziz Mall

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Our Vision

    Our vision is to build the character and ambition allowing our students to enter society carrying great values and morals in addition to their strong academic background.


Our Mission

    We strive to achieve our educational view with close communication with our students through various activities during the school day.

Our program is designed to combine teaching with real life applications  allowing us to promote self-confidence , strong willpower and enabling students as well as preparing them to entering the vast society and the real word.


Core Values

  • Cooperation                                               

  • Dependability                                              

  • Determination                                         

  • Diligence                                                      

  • Confidence

  • Honesty

  • Commitment

  • Creativity

  • Courage

Upcoming Events:



GranMa DAY

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